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Antibody -

A site on antibody related molecular biology techniques and listings of custom antibody production services. Also learn about antibody biology.

Microarrays -

Find information on DNA and protein microarrays and chips. Includes listings of protocols and methods for microarray research. Also find the latest research and news on chip publications.

PCR Protocols -

Information about PCR the Polymerase Chain Reaction. Includes protocols and methods for PCR, news and a forum on PCR.

Peptides -

peptides, peptide, information, custom, synthesis, biology, protocols, methods, techniques, Information on peptides and custom peptide synthesis. Includes peptide related design tools, protocols and methods for peptide reseearch.

Western Blotting -

western blot, western, blot, information, immunoblotting, protocols, methods, troubleshooting, western blot, protocols, methods, research, stripping, membrane, blocking, troubleshooting,